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  • Side to side short distance movement.  Helps goaltender stay square to the puck while minimizing holes in stance when moving.   


  • “Drive” Leg

The opposite leg of the intended direction.
“Drive” leg used to initiate side to side movement

  • “Lead” Leg

The leg of the intended direction.
“Lead” leg is used to balance and stabilize side to side movement. 
“Lead” leg offers some resistance to control side to side movement.

Proper Use:

  • Used to stay square to the puck when shooter is carrying the puck in tight or across the slot.


  • In stance goaltender is square to the puck.
  • Weight is on the inside edges of the balls of the feet.
  • To start shuffle transfer weight to the ball of the foot on the inside edge of the “drive” leg. 
  • Bring “drive” leg back to regular stance position.
  • “Lead” leg maintains stance position and stabilizes momentum.
  • To stop, place weight on inside edge of the lead skate and resist momentum.