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Full Recovery


  • To efficiently recover onto feet after dropping into butterfly or half butterfly position to make save.    


  • “Drive” Leg

The opposite leg of the intended direction.

  • “Lead” Leg

The leg of the intended direction.

Proper Use:

  • Used when the play and puck go to the outside after goaltender drops to ice to make save. 


  • “Drive” leg is always the first leg up onto the ice. 
  • When recovering to the right the left leg is the “drive” leg.
  • When recovering to the left the right leg is the “drive” leg.
  • Rotate waist and bring “drive” leg in front of “lead” leg knee.  This will rotate goaltender on angle. 
  • Lift “drive” leg skate onto ice and place weight on the inside edge of the “drive” leg skate.
  • Quickly rotate and keep “lead” leg extended when moving in order to fill space. 

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