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Warren Strelow Goalie Mentor Program

The Warren Strelow National Goaltending Mentor Program was started to institute a consistent nationwide goaltending program to recruit, develop and produce elite goaltenders.

The goal of the program is to attract athletes at a young age by making goaltending one of the most desired positions in all of sports.  This program is set up to develop raw athletic talent into fundamentally sound, multidimensional goaltenders.  We also want to develop the goaltenders mentally to help each goaltender face all of the challenges the position presents.

The end result of this program is to have USA Hockey produce goaltenders that consistently rank among the best in the world.  We want to increase the depth of elite USA goaltenders to the point where it becomes difficult to select goaltenders for our national teams.

Program Responsibilities:

Curriculum - Develop a consistent curriculum encompassing all aspects of the goaltending position to be instituted throughout USA Hockey.
Scouting – Identify the top goaltenders in each region.
Development – Actively participate in and monitor the development of America’s elite goaltenders.
Select Camps - Implement the curriculum of USA Hockey goaltending at all select camps.  Maintain a consistent message at each camp that develops the goaltenders physically and mentally.

Warren Strelow National Team Goaltending Camp - This is a select invite-only camp made up of the top goaltenders in each age group eligible for international play.  We will use this camp to help each goaltender master the fundamentals of the position while developing a personal identity that translates into game success.  This elite camp will cover the physical and mental aspects of the goaltending position.