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Development Coordinators

USA Hockey’s goaltending development coordinators serve USA Hockey affiliates locally while also forming a nationwide network tasked with enhancing grassroots goalie development in the United States.

The coordinators’ multifaceted duties include educating local goalie coaches, meeting with clubs and associations to implement goalie training curriculum and leading USA Hockey’s student goaltending coach programs. Each coordinator was nominated by a USA Hockey affiliate.

  • Educate and facilitate clubs and associations in implementing a Goaltending Development Curriculum. Including providing Coaching Coaches Clinics, coaching materials and support. 
  • Develop and cultivate relationships with goaltending coaches within the affiliate. Create a database and remain in contact with the goalie coaches, sharing ideas and information on goaltending development. 
  • Work with club and association goalie coaches on improving goaltending culture. Focus on head coach and assistant coach integration into goalie coaching at team practices and goalie sessions. 
  • Train and assist association goalie coaches on season planning and goalie clinic structure and organization. 
  • Provide support and facilitate grass roots programs (Try Goalie Days, Association Coaching Coaches Clinics, and Quick Change Pads). 
  • Assist District Coach-In-Chief when needed in all facets of the Coach Education Program as it pertains to goaltending. 
  • Attend annual meeting to collaborate and build on Goaltending Development Model. Meeting location and curriculum will be announced each year at the USAH Winter meetings. 
  • Collaborate with other goalie coaches to continue professional development. 
  • Remain focused on the principles of long term athlete development. 

Development Coordinator Contact Info

Name Email Address USA Hockey Affiliate
Wylie Rogers Alaska State Amateur Hockey Association
Larry Gibson Arizona Amateur Hockey Association
Zane Kalemba Atlantic Hockey
Chip Cormier California Amateur Hockey Association North
Tommy Tartaglione California Amateur Hockey Association South
Brian Haaland Carolina Amateur Hockey Association
Matt Zaba Colorado Amateur Hockey Association
Jared M. Waimon Connecticut Hockey Conference/Rhode Island Amateur Hockey
Alyssa Grogan Florida
Tommy Jones Idaho Amateur Hockey Association
James Moskos Idaho Amateur Hockey Association
Gregg Naumenko Illinois
Ray Jean Maine Amateur Hockey Association
Brian Robinson Massachusetts Hockey
Darren Eliot deliotsi@gmail. com Michigan Amateur Hockey Association
Brad Parker Mid West Amateur Hockey Association
Dave Caruso Mid-American
Shane Clifford Mid-American
Steve Carroll Minnesota Hockey
Ryan Riley Montana Amateur Hockey Association
Alex Bjerk Nevada Amateur Hockey Association
Dave Starman New York Amatuer Hockey Association
Jorid Dagfinrud North Dakota
Eric Woodbeck North Dakota
TBD Oregon State Hockey Association
Michael Landry Pacific Northwest Amateur Hockey Association
Jason Wolfe Potomac Valley Amateur Hockey Association
TBD South Dakota
Erik Hudson Southern Amateur Hockey Association
Thomas Speer Texas - Oklahoma
Jared Bussell Utah
Cameron Earle Vermont Amateur Hockey Association
Tanner Milliron Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association
Tyler Lewis Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association
Larry Clemens Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association
TBD Wyoming