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Goaltender Resources

Goaltender Basics

Every great goaltender has a great foundation that focuses on the basics of the position. To learn about everything from stance to on-ice recovery, visit the Goaltending Basics section.

Mental Prep

Playing the position of goaltender comes with a great deal of responsibility along with honor. A goaltender must take responsibility for his or her practice and game preparation. To learn more about mental preparation for goaltenders, visit the mental prep section.


To learn more about what equipment is needed to play goaltender and how to properly fit a goaltender visit our equipment section.

Coaches Resources

To learn more about how to coach goalies, answers to FAQs and videos visit our Coaches Resources section.

Dryland Training

USA Hockey has created FUN age appropriate dryland exercises that gives every player (ages 6-12 years old) what he or she needs from a developmental standpoint.  Use these drills for 30 minutes pre or post practice 1-2 times a week during the season.  These fun drills introduce the players to multi-directional movement skills, multi-directional speed, agility, balance, coordination, rhythm and special awareness. For more visit our Dryland Training section.